Katarina Schildgen and Paul Gasser have developed a book design they characterize using the key words precision, logic, intelligibility and accessibility. The book IMAGINE HUMAN RIGHTS – Artists celebrate the Universal Declaration has a universal relevance as regards its contents, thereby requiring a concept that can be applied to and integrated into any cultural sphere worldwide. The book designers always start out from the substance and strive to satisfy their own demand to tell its story in a way that is appropriate and does it justice.





The colour Blue has been the offical colour since the inception of the UN in 1947. Not surprisingly, this colour has represented through time and across cultures that which unites us:

  • the sea

  • the sky

  • the universe.

UN peace keepers, the so-called Blue Berets or Blue Helmets do their work of peace and humanitarian aid under this colour. To us it was an easy choice to set the text in this colour and use it as our main and unifying design element.



The book IMAGINE HUMAN RIGHTS – Artists celebrate the Universal Declaration ist published in the six official languages of the United Nations:

  • Arabic

  • Chinese

  • English

  • French

  • Russian

  • Spanish.



It is not a single script, but a multilingual script system that combines European, Arabic, Chinese and Cyrillic characters in the book IMAGINE HUMAN RIGHTS – Artists celebrating the Universal Declaration – dignified and straightforward, reflecting the humanistic and rationalist spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The typographic elements are also special in their character: for example, a contemporary Chinese font from a young Chinese typographer that has probably never before been used in the Western world.