Why Art and Human Rights?


Because they complement each other perfectly in their core characteristics – they define standards, highlight issues of relevance. They demand from us to call into  question, take a stance and not relent, reflect and act with resolve.

"Art reveals truth beyond the visible. The language of Human Rights is a starting point, which art takes as a point of departure to offer inspiration and a diverse dialogue.

If the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a document to support self-empowerment of individuals across the globe, art assists in formulating the various issues we need to overcome to shape a more accepting, diverse global society. Artists explore emotive and physiological realms beyond what Human Rights can provide and to which Human Rights serve as a foundational anchor.

Great artists and their work help us carry the Human Rights message into the world, disseminate it, reach those who are neglected, raise awareness with those who can help, and thus further shape the global community and their activism."

As the curator of this project my deep conviction about the Arts and the freedom of expression was at the core of my work.

Petra Stelzer,